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Evil Eye Video
I remember it was like 110 degrees during this. We got the idea for this video from the 1978 movie "Over The Edge."

Squash That Fly Video
We also stole this idea too. It's a mix of the movies "Back to the Future," and "Valley Girl."

Written In Stone Video
This one we actually did not steal ideas from a movie.

Eatin' Dust (Live in Tokyo
On this tour we played a song called "Godzilla." It was pretty cool to play that one in Tokyo

King of The Road (Live Southampton, U.K.)
Last show of the tour. Opening band Valiant Thorr joined us on stage to play cardboard guitar and skateboard guitar.

Hell on Wheels (Live Hollywood)
2nd to last show of the American tour. If I recall correct I had five students drive up for that one. (With their parents.) They are all around ten years old and in a band called "Soulfire."

Saturn III (Live in Brussels)
This is a fun one to play live. A lot of cool pedal effects in the middle.

You Tube has hundreds of more Fu Manchu videos to choose from.